Size Guide

Measuring your dog's neck is easy with Green Dog's size guide. Simply refer to our 'Measuring Guide' and 'FAQs' for guidance. Our collars are available in 19mm for small, medium, and large breeds, and 38mm with a 19mm strap for hound breeds and dachshunds. Custom sizing is also available to suit your needs and taste.

Finding the perfect size for your furry friend is easy with our simple guide.

Measuring your dog's neck

  • Using a soft tape measure, measure your dog's neck, ensuring that you can still fit two fingers comfortably underneath the tape measure.
  • This is the measurement you can choose from the options when ordering.


  • Using a soft tape measure, measure tightly around your dogs neck. See the image below.
  • Please add 1.5 inches to this measurement. This is the measurement you will choose from the options when ordering.
Measuring your dog's current or existing collars

Provided that you are happy with the fit of your dog's current collar you can measure their existing collar(s). Using a soft tape measure (our preferred choice of tape measure, but not necessary if you only have a non-flex tape measure).

Clip Collars

Measure from the end of the buckle to the end of the material but not the clip and you do not need to add 1.5 inches.

Buckle Collars

Measure from the bottom of the buckle to the hole you use and you do not need to add 1.5 inches.