Cotswold Heritage Hound Collar


Introducing the Cotswold Heritage Hound Collar by Green Dog, handcrafted in the heart of Oxfordshire. Meticulously designed for discerning dog owners who appreciate the finer things in life, our collars merge traditional British charm with modern luxury. The premium British black leather, chosen for its durability and rich texture, is complemented by your choice of brass or nickel hardware, adding a touch of opulence to your beloved hound's attire.

Key Features 

  • Handcrafted Design: Each collar is a testament to artisanal craftsmanship, reflecting hours of dedication and passion.
  • Premium Black British Leather: Sourced for its resilience and sophisticated allure, ensuring longevity while exuding elegance.
  • Choice of Hardware: Customise the collar with either lustrous brass or sleek nickel accents, ensuring a harmonious match with your hound's personality.
  • Comfort Fit: While beauty is paramount, we haven't compromised on comfort. The collar is designed to sit snugly, yet comfortably, around your hound's neck.
  • Cotswold Creation: Imbued with the timeless charm of the Cotswolds, giving a touch of British heritage to every piece.

Available in 3 Variations to Perfectly Suit Your Hound:

  • 11” - 13.5” Italian Greyhound & Dachshund: Tailored for the delicate neck of an **Italian Greyhound**, this size offers a comfortable fit while showcasing its majestic stature.
  • 12”-14” WhippetDesigned with the slender elegance of the **Whippet** in mind, ensuring a bespoke fit for these graceful runners.
  • 13”-18” Lurcher: Crafted for the robust and regal **Lurcher**, providing a blend of comfort and style that accentuates their unique silhouette.

Treat your hound to the best of British luxury with the Cotswold Heritage Hound Collar by Green Dog. Each collar is not just an accessory; it's a statement of unparalleled quality and style.