Buffalo Ears - Large Bag


🐾 Buffalo Ears - Robust Flavour, Lean Nutrition

Welcome to the world of our 100% British Free-Range Buffalo Ears. A chew bursting with robust flavour, yet lean in nutrition, these treats cater to dogs who crave intense taste without compromising on health.


  • Lean & Heart-Healthy: Our Buffalo Ears are not only leaner but also lower in saturated fat, promoting a healthy heart and keeping cholesterol in check.

  • Certified Quality: Assured by HACCP and FEDIAF certifications, our chews guarantee top-notch safety and quality for your canine companion.

  • Natural Dental Care: Doubling as a wholesome alternative to dental sticks, these treats actively maintain your pup's oral health with every chew.

  • Free-Range Goodness: Sourced from 100% free-range buffaloes, our treats promise un-compromised quality and a touch of wild for your domestic darling.

  • Sustainable Choice: True to our ethos, our Buffalo Ears are sustainably sourced, being a by-product of the British farming industry.

Package Details:

Each premium pack holds 6 rich-flavoured ears, collectively weighing approximately 300g.

Gift your canine the essence of wild British plains with our Free-Range Buffalo Ears. It's not just a treat; it's a healthful, flavourful experience that cherishes our British heritage. 🐶❤️🇬🇧