Cotswold Rambler - Monkey Blue

BioThane® is a coated webbing. Key features include:
Waterproof, Smell proof, Non-stretchy, Strong in colour, Easy to wipe and keep clean
Finding the perfect size for your furry friend is easy with our simple
If you can't find the size you're looking for on our website, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'll be happy to create a collar just for your pup's unique size and measurements.
Please allow 5-7 working days for your collar to be handmade and dispatched. All items are handmade to order by myself and inspected by Boris the Blade, my Dachshund - if they’re not to his standards then they’re not fit for your pooch. 
As our products are handmade to order, please allow for a slight variance of a 1/2 inch. I promise this is 99% more often not the case as I aim to be precise and consistent.
We want your pup to be safe and happy, so please take care when using our handcrafted dog collars and leads. While we use strong and durable Paracord & BioThane® material and hardware, it's important to remember that excessive pulling or behaviour from your dog could cause damage to the collar or, worse yet, discomfort or injury to your furry friend.
We kindly remind you to use our products responsibly and with caution, and to always be aware of your dog's behaviour when using the collar and lead. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by excessive pulling or rough behaviour, so please use at your own discretion.
Thank you for choosing our handmade products and we hope you and your pup enjoy many happy walks together!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Angela Wiggins
Benson is Dashing

This collar is stunning and beautifully crafted. It's hard to imagine Benson could look even more handsome, but he does! The color palette is irresistible, and the purchase supports the sweet Podencos. What is not to like?

Andrea Harris
Five stars

Lovely well made collar and it looks amazing too.

Sandra Lyfield
Cotswold Rambler collar

Really love this collar. Very well made and fits perfect. People have actually commented on how nice it looks. Win win!