Rabbit Ears with Fur On


🐾 Furry Rabbits Ears - Gentle Goodness for Every Pup

Introduce your four-legged friend to our 100% British Furry Rabbits Ears. Beyond their delightful chewiness, these treats are low in fat and make an excellent choice for dogs with sensitive tummies or those prone to allergies. Nature knows best, and these ears prove it.


  • Natural De-wormer: The unique hair follicles on our Furry Rabbits Ears naturally cleanse the gut, acting as an effective de-wormer and promoting overall gut health.

  • Sensitive Tummy? No Problem!: Specially tailored for pups with sensitive digestion or those battling allergies. A hypoallergenic treat that's both gentle and tasty.

  • Dental Care Champion: Doubling as a natural alternative to dental sticks, these treats are sure to keep those canine smiles bright and shiny.

  • Low in Fat: A wholesome treat without the added calories. Ideal for maintaining a balanced and healthy diet.

  • 100% British: Sourced from British farms as a bi-product of the British farming Industry.

Package Details:

Each carefully curated pack contains 10 ears, weighing in at approximately 150g.

Bring a touch of British excellence to your dog's treat time with our Furry Rabbits Ears. Natural, nourishing, and nothing short of perfect. 🐶❤️🇬🇧

Customer Reviews

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Fiona Lunn
Funky furry fun!

These were an instant hit with my three dogs who chased each other to play with them and then eat them. They’ll be getting more this Easter (and throughout the year).