The Fixie BioThane Dog Collar - Customise


Meet "The Fixie" 100% BioThane dog collar, Green Dog's latest handcrafted gem. Made with 100% BioThane, this collar stands out, offering a single or two-tone design tailored just for your dog. As its name suggests, "The Fixie" is all about the right fit. Use our straightforward online guide to measure, and ensure your dog wears it comfortably and stylishly. Personalise it further with a choice of buckles, D-rings, and rivets in cool colours. If you love making a statement and want only the best for your dog, "The Fixie" is your go-to collar. Simple, luxurious, and 100% Green Dog quality. For dog lovers with an eye for style.

A superior coated webbing known for being waterproof, odour-resistant, non-stretchy, colour-rich, and easy to clean. Chosen for its proven durability, strength, and vibrancy.

Allow 2-5 days for your handmade collar to be dispatched. Postage speed is your choice. All Green Dog items are meticulously crafted and approved by Boris the Blade, our quality-check Dachshund. Handmade items may vary by a slight 1/2 inch, though we strive for precision.

Size & Measurement:
Our collars are 19mm in width. Use our MEASURING GUIDE to find the best fit. Can’t find your size? Contact us for custom dimensions.

While BioThane® is durable, always monitor your dog’s behaviour. Excessive pulling might damage the collar or harm your dog. Use responsibly. Enjoy many memorable strolls with your well-accessorised pup!

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Cristina Comsa
Howie's New Collar

I love this dog collar, looks great on my dog