The Greenwich Yarn Dog Collar - Siciliana


The Greenwich Yarn Dog Collar

Discover the ‘Siciliana’ Edition from our In-Vogue Collection: the Greenwich Yarn Dog Collar. Another seasonal highlight, it embodies a blend of style and functionality. Bound in Classic blue and Tan nano cord with a brass clasp & O-ring, it’s a trendsetter that’s sure to turn heads. Representing our commitment to no-hassle, fashionable pet accessories, this collar combines rugged charm and contemporary chic, reflecting the essence of both the British countryside and vibrant city life. Grab this limited edition piece and let your dog make a statement this season.

Key Features:

  • Hardware: 42mm brass clasp with a brass O-ring.
  • Detailing: Classic blue and Tan nano cord binding for unique detail & finish.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Durably constructed for style that lasts.
  • British Essence: A fusion of maritime tradition and city sophistication.
  • Size: Please use our Measuring Guide and choose the correct size, any questions pop me an email or message via Instagram.