The Greenwich Yarn Dog Collar - Sweet Carolina (Miniature)


The Greenwich Yarn Dog Collar

Discover the 'Sweet Carolina' - a delicate twist on our Greenwich Yarn Dog Collar range. Specially crafted for small breeds, this collar features a slender 6mm tartan rope, contrasting with the classic 10mm rope of our standard designs. The refined 35mm stainless steel clasp and nickel O-ring enhance its elegance, while the Carolina blue and tan nano binding adds a serene yet stylish flair. Perfect for petite pups, the 'Sweet Carolina' combines understated luxury with a comfortable fit, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both quality and charm in their dog's accessories. Embrace the beauty of subtlety and sophistication with this limited edition piece, tailored for the smaller, discerning canine."

Key Features:

  • Hardware: 35mm Stainless Steel clasp with a Nickel O-ring.
  • Detailing: Carolina blue and tan nano cord binding for unique detail & finish.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Durably constructed for style that lasts.
  • British Essence: A fusion of maritime tradition and city sophistication.
  • Size: Please use our Measuring Guide and choose the correct size, any questions pop me an email or message via Instagram.